• Life is a Ride!


  • About Us

    Always appreciate the days of small beginnings!

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    Meet Vince Wiley

    Co-Founder and Lead Visionary

    It all started in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Ga. It appeared to be just another Olympics until he saw pedicabs riding in Atlanta for the first time. Vince thought it was really unique to see pedicabs in America, let alone in the city of Atlanta. At that moment the dream began of one day starting his own pedicab business!

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    Meet Mike Schaller

    Co-Founder and Lead Operations

    When Mike met Vince one day during a lunch break in 2006, history was in the making. He became great friends with Vince and the two talked about one day starting a pedicab business. During the early years of his friendship with Vince, Mike was achieving his Professional Sales and Marketing Degree at Kennesaw State University while working full time in sales and his main passion: music.  To this day, Mike gets to do what he loves for a living: Playing Keyboard/Recording/DJing music and building an exciting pedicab company!

    Meet Joyride Pedicabs!

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    In 2010, Vince discovered a massive 1300+ acre sporting development that was coming right in his backyard 5 minutes from his home in Emerson, GA called Lakepoint Sporting Community. Vince made sure to attend every City Hall meeting and always spoke in favor of the complex both in person and via social media. The executives took notice and asked him what they could do for him. His answer? Pedicabs of course! This was the first big break for Joyride Pedicabs!

  • Mission Statement

    Integrity, Family and Love are the greatest parts of life.  Life is a ride, make sure to find joy in all things!


    We at Joyride Pedicabs strive for integrity because we realize that all good things in life require a strong foundation of integrity, trust and respect.


    At Joyride Pedicabs we consider all people that we meet family, not just the people we are related to. All people have value, and deserve edification and of course....


    The world needs more love and respect for each other. This is our highest priority at Joyride Pedicabs, because quite simply we want to spread the joy!

  • What We Do

    Need a ride? Ask Joyride! We deliver: Plates, Packages and People!

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    Hungry but don't feel like leaving the office/cool spot? Leave it to us, We deliver!

    Bring us to your site, wedding, festival, or city and we can deliver your plate or entire catering package to you in a jiffy with joy!

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    Need a package delivered in your area?  Ask Joyride Pedicabs!

    We can deliver your package(s) and your lovely self joyously!

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    Need a ride to your car or your area in a jiffy?  Call Joyride!

    We can take you to your desired location quickly and you can have the best ride of your life!

  • Advertise With Us!

    We are exposed to thousands of people face to face everywhere we ride!

  • Lakepoint Sports

    The largest amateur sporting complex in the world! Click below to check them out!

    Lakepoint Website

    We are so honored to be the exclusive transportation service to the Lakepoint Sporting Community!

    Lakepoint Sports: Home of Joyride Pedicabs!

    Sporting (pun intended ha) a massive 1300+ acre lot, Lakepoint will feature over 100 different indoor and outdoor sports on 3 giant campuses when completed. It already contains the largest cable wake-board park in America, 8 Rally Volleyball courts, 3 soccer fields, a Sleep Inn, a Hampton Inn, 4 restaurants, a Love's gas station, and 8 MLB sized baseball fields. Currently 2 more major projects are near completion including a huge 170,000 sq. ft. indoor facility due May 2016 for year-round sports, and a family entertainment center featuring a 36 hole putt-putt course, an arcade and other amenities due June 2016! Future projects include a Boom Town entertainment district with a Polar Coaster, 8 additional baseball fields, 14 additional soccer fields, an 18-hole Greg Norman golf course and academy, a professional tennis academy, 30+ additional hotels, a one of a kind Bass Pro Shop Full Experience Complex and more!

  • Festivals

    We at Joyride Pedicabs LOVE festivals! Let us know if we can help you with yours!

  • Weddings

    Tux with Chucks!

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    Your wedding just added more joy!

    We will make your wedding out of site!

    Let Joyride make your wedding day that much more special.  With pedicabs, you and your guests will be able to transport in style while having a blast!  Not to mention you will have some extra cool pics to add to your photo album!

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    We would be overjoyed to hear from you!

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    Let us know how we can add more joy to your event or place!

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